If you are looking for that very special place for your beloved pets, you found it! We are definitely not your typical boarding facility. Pet owners can take their pets to their space at
drop off and get them out at pickup. As a matter of fact, we encourage it!  We are the
only facility we know of that does this, and we have asked around, a lot!  We want you to
be comfortable knowing exactly where your pet is staying, we feel that seeing your pet's accommodations, with your own eyes, is the best assurance. If you can't see where your
pet is staying, you should ask yourself..... why not?

We accept checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Rising Star Pet Ranch is an indoor/outdoor facility complete with heating, air conditioning, ceiling fans, continuous music, lots of plants, home decor and tons of interaction with us.
We are on 12 acres in Liberty Hill, TX. The Owners of Rising Star Pet Ranch live on the property, too!

Owners Laura Collins & Irene Hieber have 30+ years combined experience in showing, breeding, veterinary assisting and grooming . We opened Rising Star Pet Ranch in 2001
to have the kind of facility where we would be happy to leave our own pets .

Our office and kennel are one, separated only by glass doors. The pets in our care can
be seen from everywhere in our facility. This means continuous interaction with staff. Everywhere we work, we can see your pet and they can see us. We board and groom
dogs, cats, exotic pets and birds.

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